Is Your Logo Really Your Business Identity?

There is no doubt that a logo should almost always represent the business and its core service. The reason why I said “almost always” is simple. Unless you are a powerhouse company like Nike and other large corporations, then your logo really needs to show the customer your service(s) and what you do. Often times businesses come to us with an existing logo that is very irrelevant to their core business. Not only does it look unprofessional but it also hurts your bottom line of getting that customer’s business. After all, that’s what you are in business for right? Below I outline 3 tips to assist you in choosing the right logo for your business that is relevant and professional at the same time.

Stay Relevant:

You wouldn’t hire a construction firm to demolish a wall for you that has a butterfly as its main logo focal point, would you? They may be pros at what they do. They just ended up with the wrong logo design choice. For that specific reason is why we offer over 25 business categories for our customers to choose from when creating their logos. We make sure the user is shown the most relevant logos for their line of business. If a category is too broad then we have a solution for that as well. We offer handpicked business sections to show logos specific to that business only.

Company Slogan:

Often times a company slogan is overlooked by many business owners. Make good use of a business slogan. Having a construction logo with your company name and a hammer is good. What’s better is having a company slogan underneath the logo that tells the customer what exactly you do. Try to list your main service(s) in the slogan to let the customer know what you offer. Another option is using the slogan to tell the customer about your achievements. A good example of using the slogans that show achievements are realtor logos. Realtors mention things like “#1 Agent In Toronto” in their slogan. This shows the soon to be customer that this realtor is a top performing agent.

Be Professional:

The biggest letdown for a customer is an unprofessional and blurry logo. No one wants to pay a business that isn’t willing to invest in its core brand identity. Those blurry or pixilated logos will not get you any customers. They may very well scare customers away. That is why at free logo creator we offer the high quality purchase option as an alternative to the free logo download option. The free logo is fine for a website logo or social media uses where a high resolution is not always necessary. However a high resolution version is a must for things like business cards, flyers, and such.

Always make sure to choose the right logo. Spend time on it and don’t be shy to ask for opinions. Show the logo to someone unrelated to the design process and see if they understand its message. This is also one of the main reasons why we offer the free download feature. It gives you the option to review the logo and show it around before committing to it. You have the option to purchase the logo at a later date once you get the thumbs up for it.